May 27, 2009


7:00p.m. : All day today I've been in a belligerent mood. Everything irritated me, everyone annoyed me and I was ready to bite people's head off for no apparent reason. My mood matched the grey skies and the song "Gives you Hell" (which you can hear if you click on the title of this post) kept playing in my head repeatedly. I didn't bother to delve into my sub-conscious and try to figure out what brought this belligerence about. I didn't care. And I loved it. Yes, I absolutely enjoyed being snarky and snapping at people and giving them one line retorts that left them almost speechless. Where did it come from? I know not. I care not. One day of not being nice was free-ing. It was like being able to walk down a crowded hallway and shoving away anyone in your path and just marching forward without a care. Just for a day. That's all. I know the feeling I woke up with this morning was from remnants of last night's drunken venting session, but that's a logical explanation which deserves no mention in this post of 'I don't care'.

Haven't you ever had a day where you just didn't care or you just didn't want to care? Just one day. What would you do then?

11:00 p.m. Postscript: My belligerence went out the window a few minutes back when Jackie managed to get me on the floor and proceed to lick my face as though she wanted to lick the irritation right out. Yes, I ended up lying there and giggling, so that's that! If you're pissed off, get a dog to sit there and stare at you until you have no choice but to be the awesome person he or she thinks you are.


Maya said...

Jackie and Charlie are rockstars!!

Vee said...

You're absolutely right Maya :)