August 30, 2006

Mid-week laugh

(to view a bigger size, please click on the image)

hahahahahahahahahahahha and the laughter continues.... Can you imagine? :)

Bill Watterson, I adore Calvin. Thank you.


Gary said...

Good one.

Shaneena said...

ha-ha-ha!! I just love that cartoon!! What a brain that man has got!

abhay k said...

Hi Veena,
I adore Calvin too!
thank you so much for your condolence message on my blog.

Priyan said...

Sigh. I love Calvin too and maybe I've lost the kid in me (nah) but that one is not so funny. Is it better if I don't say anything if I can't say something nice? Prolly is but I can't help myself :)

sophie said...


Made me smile:)


Kaumudee said...

Hahhahaha...that's too good...thanks !!! *smoooooooch*