September 19, 2006

Jackie turns two.

My Jackie darling turned two years old today. As usual she woke me up this morning, but then I fell back asleep and woke up half an hour later, at 6a.m., to find her sleeping right next to me. I sat up and actually sang "Happy Birthday to you" to her. (If any of my friends thought I was going crazy, it's probably been confirmed right about now) :) I then took her for a short morning walk, then drove to my parents place where my mom gave her a new toy. Jackie was wondering what the heck was going on since it was a deviation from the usual morning routine. Then mom dropped us back at the apartment, where I finished my morning walk with her (Binky the new toy in hand) and then it was all about feeding her and hugging her to bits until she got the desperate "Save me" look in her eyes. lol

Happy Birthday Jackie... I love you.


Lindsay Lobe said...

I am sure she is a wonderful dog, with a nice nature.
She looks well and very alert! I remember when she was briefly ill, it seems a long time ago!!
Best wishes & happy Birthday to her !!

Kumari said...

Am a day late but then I am sure jackie is very understanding :)

A very Happy Birthday to her!
And what gift did you pamper her with? :)

Both of you look adorable in this snap :)

Gary said...

"Happy birthday bitch!" (And I mean that in the most respectful, loving and kind way... just couldn't not say it.) Will you forgive me Jackie? Will YOU forgive me Vee?

As for your human - she loves you so much that she'll sing happy birthday to you from bed.

Enjoy your third year!

DA said...

Happy birthday beautiful creature!!