January 14, 2006

When Varsha smiles...

When Varsha smiles
A real smile
Full of joy
Full of teeth (don't ask about this line)

It gives me hope
It makes me light
The world as it spins
Is exactly right

When Varsha smiles
You see the kid
You see the girl
Who makes me grin.

The End (Thank God!)

*note*: I wrote this on a spur (I swear I won't go with those sort of feelings again) because it's been a while since I've seen my sister smile like that. A full smile. I've been after her saying she looks half-scared to death in most of her pictures giving me these fake-I'm-scared-to-open-my-mouth-grins. When I took this picture y'day, I loved the smile I saw and hence the above erm poem. (sorry to actual poets out there, but I claim a lot of poetic license with this one).*end of note*


Gary said...

Here's a haiku for Varsha (Japanese form of poem with 3 lines; 5 syllables, 7 syllables then 5 again):

Light within glows out
Sun of the soul through bright eyes
Hope, goodness... and fun!

Vee said...

Sigh, you said so much in 3 sentences than I did in my attempt. *clap clap* (I'll get the hang of it yet *grumble*)

DA said...

Looks like chance made you sisters and love makes you friends."

I loved your tender poem Vee.

Recently saw one on the net. I retreived it for you:

There is no Friend like a Sister

There's no better friend than a sister -
There's no one more loyal and true . . .
and even when sisters are different . . .
their likeness come shining through!

Perhaps it's a family resemblance
that strengthens the bond they share . . .
or maybe it's just that sisters live life with a similar flair!
A sister remembers your collegehood -
She knows more than you will admit
of times you were Little Miss Perfect . . .
and times you gave others a fit!
She's seen you in some situations
when silence just wouldn't suffice . . .
and managed somehow to get by with those sisterly words of advice!

And when some encouragement's needed . . .
a sister will always be there . . .
to listen . . .
to laugh . . .
or to lean on . . .
to comfort, or simply to care.

There's no one who's more in your corner . . .
and no one you're more grateful to.
There's no better friend than a sister . . .
and no better sister than you.

from "There Is No Friend Like A Sister"
by Mary Engelbreit

Vee said...

Dimitri!! Thank you! :) Thank you! Thank you! First and foremost for calling my attempt a poem!(lol) Secondly, for calling it tender (yes, it was written with a lot of sentiment). Thirdly, for taking the time to look up the perfect poem written about Sisters. Do you have any siblings?

DA said...

It was my pleasure Vee and yes I have a little sister as well. Although not with the same sister sister bond but with the same amount of love I believe:-)

She married few weeks ago and I was her proud and touched witness.

Vee said...

Aww that's sweet Dimitri. Congratulations to your sister along with best wishes to her and her hubby.

ladyrain said...

awwwwwww didhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i had no idea u posted this!! and that pic of me is TERRIBLE! lol..but...all jokes aside..that poem..is v.special...u shud'nt make me read such things at work..
luv't u di.. and here's one of my own..
*clears throat* *drum roll*

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sisters like you

m..i meant that..sister's like u are one in a million and so ur soo rare and i cherish u completely! *phewf*...

xoxo...i got u babe