January 14, 2006

FeedBlitz, sentence from nearest book & being tagged.

What can I say... it's 2:25a.m. and I couldn't get more creative with my blog title. :)

Anyway, I discovered this convenient tool (well, I didn't really discover it. It existed well before I stumbled upon it, but that's like arguing over semantics) called FeedBlitz that let's you subscribe to have updates of new posts from my blog. Rather than just having to browse through and check for any updates, this tool emails the updates (new posts, etc.) right into your Inbox. So, if you think it's something you'd like, subscribe to it. It's on my sidebar.

While doing my regular rounds of blogstrolling, I noticed Dimitri's new post which I found interesting. It is as follows:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.
So here's mine:
1. Nearest book grabbed - Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee
2. Page opened
3. Fifth sentence calculated with some effort (because of the lateness of the night).
4. Posting the 5th sentence: "She couldn't get out of India fast enough, poor thing."
5. This is the book I'm currently reading, so I didn't have to run anywhere to find it. It was sitting beside me on the table.

I find the line that this little exercise lead to very interesting. I know what context it was said in and it doesn't apply to me literally because I never really lived in India until I got married. But, it brings to mind all these stories I've heard about freedom and feeling caged and wanting to get out and those feelings I can relate to. So...

Now onto being tagged. I visit Gary's site regularily and the other day I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was one of the people he had chosen to tag. So in keeping with the spirit of tagging, here's my little bit.

Seven things to do before I die:
7. Work with a chimpanzee (volunteer at Jane Goodall's)
6. Learn to ride a motorcycle
5. Drive a Mustang GT convertible for one day at least
4. Go White water rafting
3. Begin painting again
2. Become a successful runner
1. Not let my fears control me

Seven things I cannot do:
7. Lie well
6. Be intentionally hurtful and not realize it
5. Stay quiet when something wrong is happening - be it to a man or beast
4. Not gush over a baby or puppy
3. Control my emotions
2. Get answers to all my whys'
1. Stop giggling

Seven things that attract me to blogging:
7. Discovering who I am
6. Making new friends
5. Gaining new perspectives
4. An outlet
3. Learning new things (HTML, etc.)
2. Gushing about my puppy as much as I want
1. The opportunity to write - significant to the insignificant

Seven things I say most often:
7. Whatever
6. Oh okay
5. Are you sure?
4. I don't give a damn!
3. Damn
2. Puppyyyyy, I love you.
1. Oh my God!

Seven books that I love, in no particular order
(aahhh, only 7 to list!)
7. Love Story
6. Emma
5. Little Women
4. Anne of Green Gables series
3. If Tomorrow Comes
2. Doctors
1. The Prodigal Daughter

Seven movies I watch again and again
7. Runaway Bride
6. Terminator 2
5. After the Promise
4. Anjali
3. Kakka Kakka
2. Dumbo
1. Die Hard

Ok I guess now it's my turn to tag someone... So 'Anya you're it!


Gary said...

Nice list - there is no hiding your love of puppy! Your list to complete before you die is doable Vee! In fact, you could run to your Mustang, drive to a whitewater rafting outing, then ride a motorcyle home, with a chimpanzee on behind. This will all help you overcome your fears, which will get you painting before dark. This can be done in ONE DAY!


Vee said...

(lol)Gary, that's hilarious! I think I'd be overwhelmed at the end of that day! Wouldn't I love to see the O.P.P.'s expressions when I ride off with a chimp on my back! hahahaaha
My fears don't really involve any of those feats. I'm pretty adventurous. I just go and do stuff. But yeah, I need to deal with it and maybe all these things combined in one day will completely eradicate it. :) Thanks! hehehe

Matt said...

What a beautiful Blog you have here Vee, keep up the great work. :)

Vee said...

Thanks a lot Matt! :) I think I wrote a mouthful on yours! hehehe