December 06, 2005


This girl at work made my day today. :) She thought I was her age - 18!! And in reality I'm 10 years older to her. (Yes, I've advertised my age on the internet). Anyway, I looked at her to see if she was joking or just being polite, but she was very serious. I guess, trying to be young at heart helps you look young?!? *sigh* If only I were 18 again - that was the best year of my life! That's it!! :)


Lavy said...

Oye! Wow what a compliment!!!!!!!! Cool:) I finally updated my blog. Am going to read the rest of your updates. This tutoring business is taking up a lot of valuable socialization time..*hMph*

Gary said...

I think the key to aging is to age gracefully, to be happy in the body and soul that we are at any given stage. I'm very comfortable in my skin and enjoy middle age for example.

That said, you do look younger than your age in your photo.

Anonymous said...

I have a big word for the girl that actually is 18 years old:

Vee said...

Dear anonymous, aka Suraj bhaiya *rofl* stop harassing me. haven't you heard, if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all! :Þ as always, you're just jealous! hmph! hehehe