December 07, 2005

Winter Wonderland

I'm not a fan of the actual cold weather. The one that makes your teeth chatter, you shiver, your fingers and toes hurt, and your bones cold. Come on, you other Canadians (and erm, other people who go through Winter) you know what I'm talking about. But what I do love and wait for is snow. I love snow. The softness of it, the way it melts as soon as you touch it, the way my dog tries to catch it in her mouth, the way I try to catch it on my tongue (lol) (yes we make a lovely picture together!) hehehe, the way snow feels soft and powdery (when one isn't making a snowball), the way the earth looks when covered in white, the way the evergreens look with snow on them - picturesque. I love snow. I like walking in it, I like taking Jackie for a walk in it and seeing her prance about and sniff at it and try to eat it :), I like packing snow into snowballs and hitting people (esp. unsuspecting ones), I like making a snowman (even though I've made it only once) and I like the thought of snow angels. The above picture was taken today. This is the view of my neighbourhood from my balcony. It snowed beautifully and made me hyper. If anyone watches Gilmore Girls, I became Lorelai with snow. :)
This is my baby enjoying herself in the snow. This was taken a couple of weeks back. We had an amazing walk that day. I let her run loose in what used to be a soccer field. It was a little difficult getting her back in. (I had to since my hands and feet were numb).

Winter Wonderland - only because it looks magical outside this time of the year.


ladyrain said...

I totally get the Lorelai with Snow thing!! and I love it! Jackson can eat snow..u on the other hand didh..*Ahem*...sometimes i wonder how we're related!!! *hehe*

Lavy said...

Jackson? I thought it was there something I should know about?

Vee said...

Jackson is just another name for Jackie. :) Varshy started that.