December 06, 2005

My Dil Goes Mmmmm

Yes, my dil does go Mmmm for a few things:

1) A baby's laugh
2) A puppy's endearing behaviour
3) Puffy white clouds
4) Dark brooding sky
5) Icecream

6) Snowflakes falling
7) Colourful leaves during Autumn
8) Sunsets and the colours the sky is painted because of the setting sun
9) Waves and cool beach sand under my feet
10) Movies that I watch which gel perfectly with my current mood
11) A good conversation with a stranger
12) A wonderful catching-up session with a friend
13) Being silly with my sister
14) Connecting
15) Walking in the rain
16) Clarity after heartache
17) A good hug
18) Fields of Gold
19) The wind that makes me want to sing and skip
20) Dillagi - screaming it at the top of my lungs
21) Jackie Kumar
22) A look - it's all about the eyes
23) Songs to convey my intense feelings
24) A good book
25) Intellect
26) Impulsiveness
27) Romance; thoughtfulness
28) Finding a kindred spirit
29) Greatness of imagination
30) Faith; Hope; Determination; Trust
31) Moonlit night; shimmering effects of the moon on water
32) Angel Rays (see the movie 'Evelyn' for explanation)
33) Colours
34) Laughter - deep from within
35) Genuine-ness


Lavy said...

Jackie Kumar?? *enough said* ROFL. I shall go to sleep giggling at that!

Vee said...

hey, it wasn't meant to be funny. her name is Jackie Kumar. ask me why and I shall tell thee. Call meeeee :)

Anonymous said...

You sound like a complete romantic.