November 29, 2005

Why Gobsmacked

I'm sure many of you, esp. those of you who know me, are wondering why I chose gobsmacked as my blog title. For a variety of reasons actually.

1) It's a British slang and I love many things British...such as the British men with their very British accents *grin* and when I heard one of them proclaim "I was gobsmacked", I was ready to swoon. *lol* Ofcourse, at the time I had no idea what the word meant, but following along with his narration, I figured it must mean surprise. From then on, gobsmacked became one of my favourite words of the English language.

2) Gobsmacked - the actual definition: "utterly astonished, astounded". For a specific explanation please visit:

3) The site gobsmacked.blogspot was taken by some imbicile who hasn't even written a blog in ages! I was so frustrated when I visited the page and found a perfectly good name put to such waste. It was what I wanted, so now my page is gob-smacked. *yuck*

4) I hope to find things in my life, even in everyday living, that will hopefully astound me in some way - big or small, good or bad. Hopefully, more good than bad. For I believe that, sometimes, people don't appreciate their life enough and I don't want to fall into such a pattern. I do want to cherish and I do want to hold dear and hopefully I'll be able to for a very long time.

Ok, baashan and explanations katham.

Love, Vee :)


Anonymous said...

Vee ji once again u hav proved ur mite at blogging..i crown u the kyoon of blogs.

Vee said...

Thanksssss Paddyyyy *lol*