November 29, 2005

My day - today

I am thoroughly exhausted and I absolutely love this feeling. I've been putting in long hours at work and it is physically labouring, but I come home feeling content. Anyway, I am also sick and have lost my voice, so while being really tired I am also sniffling and irritated. Although it has been pointed out that my voice has taken on a nice throaty sound, what I call a frog others are calling sexy. (grin) Today, at work, I spotted a new guy and I was trying to figure out his name. We were working in the same department and eventually he had to come and ask me to help him out with a mobile ladder. The fellow didn't know how to unlock and lock it. So I unlocked the ladder, so he could get something for a customer and this newboy started climbing the ladder, only he hadn't locked it in place. *hahahahah* I was nearly on the floor laughing because he almost careened into the wall. But, being ever so polite and concerned, I didn't laugh in his face. Instead I told him how to lock the ladder in place and then ran to the back room and laughed out loud. It was just hilarious to see! Oh please, stop being so aghast. He wouldn't have injured himself had he hit the wall. There wasn't that much distance for him to cover. But it was my first and only real laugh of the day. Even on the bus ride home, the memory of that moment came into my head and I was trying not to appear strange by sitting and smiling to myself. Come to think of it, I still don't know the boy's name.

Got home in the evening, only to be greeted by my over-excited puppy. That's an awesome feeling. Anytime you walk into the house, there is this creature waiting to pounce on you only because she has missed you so much. I took her for a walk outside because it was absolutely lovely - weatherwise. It had been raining all afternoon, and when we went for our walk, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and it had just stopped raining. After the snow and the cold winds, this was a welcome change. Spent the rest of the evening dillydallying about (hey, I'm not well ok?). And now it's time to hit the sack. Jackie, the queen, has ofcourse already gone to sleep! :) G'nite. Sweet dreams.

P.S: I forgot to mention my embarassing incident of the day. Every year, atleast once, I will get a major coughing fit when I'm sick. It'll last for a while (when one is coughing non-stop even five minutes seems like a while). Anyway, I usually turn very red in the face and depending on how congested I am, I'm sometimes not able to breathe clearly and this can get alarming for a few seconds as once or twice I have literally gasped for air. I expect this occurence every now and then. My first memory of this is when I was writing a final exam (in my school in Sharjah, I forget which grade I was in) and I got this major coughing fit. The teacher had to excuse me and make sure I was okay. I came back completely embarassed although I had provided much needed distraction for some of the girls who were trying to be creative, i.e. cheat in their exams. *lol* Hey, my coughing fit was not intentioned. Moving on - today, during our busy time when the store was filled with customers, I proceeded to have a horrible coughing fit and had to literally run to the washroom. Tears were flowing down my cheeks as I rushed past co-workers and customers and all I remember seeing were blurry shocked and concerned expressions. I guess I must've looked a sight. I came out after 5 minutes. My throat felt completely raw. My face looked like someone had a good time beating it up and I had to go back and face people. It was highly embarassing simply because I guess, I'm so used to this and I kinda know what to expect. But the way people were talking about it, you'd think I survived a heart attack in front of them. My day is now complete. :)

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Lav said...

Oh wow meister! Looks like you had a hell of a day! I was laughing out loud as I was reading about the ladder guy:) ROFL. I finally finished tutoring. Man its work!! Will email you in detail tomorrow! Going to read your other blogs now.