November 30, 2005

Coffee, Jackie and me

I love coffee. I really love coffee. I have family members and friends who can vouch for this claim of mine. My foray into the caffeine world began when I started life at the University of Waterloo. Burning the midnight oil mostly meant getting high on coffee. Meeting up with friends for a good conversation meant meeting at coffee shops. Late night sobering sessions meant drowning in some coffee before dragging oneself into bed. You get the idea. I have had friends tell me that if anyone did a transfusion, they'd only find coffee flowing through my veins. I used to be proud of that! Ofcourse, that was Uni.

Now, I've curbed my coffee intake to 2 cups/day (as opposed to 7-10/day). Reason being - it got to be too much of a good thing. Coffee has no effect on me in the sense, I could drink a good cup and then fall asleep the next instant. But anyway, this blog is taking a totally different turn from what I had intended to write. I wanted to tell a funny story about coffee, Jackson (Jackie) and me.

One day, I thought I'd see if my puppy would like some coffee. I poured about two tablespoons worth into her bowl and she did her usual sniffing around and then lapped it up and looked up at me with no dire consequences. I was relieved because she seemed fine. She didn't go insane and run around at top speed (on account of the sugar), nor did she have any adverse side effects *touchwood*. The next time I had coffee, ms.thang came and sat beside me and sniffed the coffee aroma very appreciatively. I stiffled a laugh and dutifully went and poured some coffee into her bowl and she came by and happily licked it all up. From then on, Jackie and I have bonded over a good cup of coffee every now and then. No, I don't give her some daily. I'm not stupid.

My parents and sister heard of this and when my dad dropped by yesterday he brought a little extra coffee to give Jackie. I was thrilled ofcourse. Today, my parents and my sister came over for a bit and what do you know. Along with buying coffee for us humans, they shared some of their coffee with Jackie. Mom and Varsha (my sister) were very fascinated to see just how much Jackie liked coffee. She knows the word coffee, she knows the smell and she laps it up with enthusiasm. My mom said "we know Jackie is your dog for sure". *lol* That had all of us laughing. Then my sister chipped in and my mom and she painted a scenario as follows: Jackie and I would be sleeping on the bed and she would nudge me awake and ask me to go make her coffee. I would get up and she would go back to sleep under the comforter. *lol* But once she heard the coffee perculator in full swing and smelt the aroma, she would bound out of bed and then she and I would enjoy our cup and bowl of coffee, respectively. *lol*

Y'know, I wouldn't put it past her! *grin* My caffeine-induced, java loving baby.


Ramya said...

guess what.. i used to be a major caffeine addict too.. but now the addiction's kinda lost..:)black coffee 's my favourite though.. :)

Vee said...

ramya: ahhh, i could only drink black coffee when i had a piece of extremely rich chocolate cake. :) am going out get me and my jackie a cuppa joe. :)

Anonymous said...

Vee ji- Well said about the Falcons. Man dont they rock?? Its jus ammmmazing how they play as a team, as u hav mentioned in ur blog. Happy coffeeing. Your behest is fulfilled! And when did u and Ramya become buddies???

Gary said...

Sweet dog! And any dog that likes a good cuppa java is a friend of mine!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.