November 29, 2005

My affair with Chocolate *yummmm*

*lol* No ladies and gentlemen, I am not crazy. Hmm, perhaps I am a little mad...but I do like being unique. Anyway, I know it's nothing new that I'm a girl who likes chocolate. I suppose it would be strange if there were a member of the female species who didn't like chocolate, and I did know one such person. But this post isn't about her. It's about chocolate and me.

When I first went to University, I wore a shirt that said "Give me chocolate and nobody gets hurt" :) I made a good friend that day who pointed out to my shirt and laughed her head off. That's how she still remembers me. As I write this blog, I am happily chomping down on my favourite chocolate of all time called 'Galaxy'. And I do mean chomping, as opposed to happily savouring it, because I'm in one of my 'I need chocolate now' moods. Many a chocolate bar has come and even gone from my life, but my love for Galaxy still holds true. If only I could say that about many other things in my life. Anyway, I grew up in the Middle East (no, not Iraq or Saudi Arabia, there is more to the Mid.East than those two places.) I grew up surrounded by cavity enhancers - Tola, Twix, Lion Bar, Kitkat, Almond Rocha, Mars, Bounty, Galaxy, Cadbury's. Quality Streets and as you can imagine I was in bliss. When I visited India, I found Cadbury's was even more delicious there and that I liked Milky Way and Five Star as well. Then, I moved to Canada and found that I didn't enjoy chocolate here as much. I ate Kitkat once in a while and then occassionaly a Twix or a Bounty or Mars. Eventually, I tried things like After Eight (but there's only so much you can eat of that), Ferrero Rocher, Hershey bars. But nothing compared to the mouth-watering treats in Sharjah/Dubai.

Then, one fine day, I saw a store sign saying Little Bit of Britain and I thought I'd try it to see if they had Quality Streets. I walked in and spotted Galaxy
and honest-to-God, I was so thrilled! Yes, I know it's a chocolate bar - but when I really like something, I really like it ok? From then on my love affair with Galaxy restarted. It is a guilty pleasure at times, because even when I know I shouldn't, I still do. *grin* But I can't help's so smooth and creamy and rich and it's got the perfect chocolate taste (in my opinion). I'm hooked! And it's got one more positive to it - it's from the land of the gorgeous British accent! *sigh* Anyway, if you don't believe me, read this fella's review: Have a Galaxy and think of me! :)
I end this post with the following words from the site Dan's chocolates: "There is a relationship between women and chocolate that no man will ever understand." <-- That's for all those men out there reading this blog and wondering why the heck I bothered to waste so many words writing this and why the were idiotic enough to spend their time reading it. *grin*

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