July 09, 2009

Summer days and Full moon nights

#1: 11:30p.m.

Man: "Why do you look up at the sky and walk all the time?"
Me: "I'm waiting for deliverance."
(in my head 'Why the heck do you watch me walk my dogs? How often?)

Man: "How do you go from looking innocent to looking like a seductress in a second?"
Me: "Acting's in my blood.
(in my head 'you creep')

Man: "Why are you so aloof?"
Me: "My nickname's The Ice Queen.
(in my head 'will you leave me alone now?'

Man: "You have a smartass comment for everything eh?"
Me: "Yes."
(in my head 'Was that simple enough?')

#2: 6:40a.m.

Neighbour: "Are you seeing anyone?"
Me: "uhh, No"
(in my head, shit why didn't I say yes?)

Neighbour: smiling: "Oh okay. Well, I don't want to come on too strong, but maybe we could have coffee sometime and get to know each other? Like friends first."
Me: "Sure. Coffee. Friends is good. Bye"
(grumbling and walking away, with Jackie, half asleep and wondering how this could happen so early in the morning).

#3: 5:30p.m.

Driver in huge SUV: "Nice dog."
Me: "Thanks."
(I'm walking on the sidewalk with Jackie and this guy is waiting at the traffic light).

Driver: shouts something else unintelligible.
Me: ignoring and continuing to walk my dog.

Driver goes up another street, comes back and parks his SUV (more like a boat) on the opposite side of where I'm walking and says, "Psst. Come here."
Me (slight alarmed): ignoring said Driver and walking away with Jackie.

Spotted the same SUV a few times since, used to slow down, now I take a different route.

#4: 7:00p.m.

Enjoying my usual drink at Second Cup.
Passerby: "You make that whip cream look so good."
Me: toss my coffee, give him a glare and walk away.

#5: 11:30a.m.

Person at work: "Excuse me, but could I ask you a question?"
Me: "Sure." (trying to be helpful with a smile)
Person: Could you tell me where the Justice of the Peace office is?"
Me: Oh sure. You go down the end of the hall..."
Person: interrupting: "You know you're beautiful"
I think the noise that came out of me was one of complete exasperation.

... and yes there's more. Summer's here. Sometimes it sucks being a girl.

P.S: The timeline for all of those is a year. None of them are fictional unfortunately.
P.P.S: Clicking on the title of this post takes you to a song that lends a surreal feeling to these incidents.


Kumari said...

As exasperated as it must've been for you, I found it entertaining! It takes all kinds to make the world but somehow the annoyers are more in number :)
Have a wonderful summer with J& C standing guard :)

Vee said...

LOL. I can laugh about some of them later on as I recount them. A couple of people look at me and go, "How does this happen to you all the time?" lol I don't know. It just does. But #3 was actually more "scary" than "funny" only because I heard of some stuff later on.