April 16, 2008

New Soul

On March 1st, I moved in to my own apartment. On March 2nd, I got my Jackie back. Life since then has been good, as you can imagine. I cannot even put in to words the peace I have felt since the move, but I think more so because it enabled my reunion with Jackie. As I type this out right now, she's sticking her head over my laptop and trying to peer at what I write (or so it seems). *smile* Earlier this evening I lifted her up and we danced or rather I swayed and she was held hostage. I'm currently mesmerized by a current Hindi film song called 'Pehli Nazar Mein' and it's singer is Atif Aslam. Atif has a mesmerizing voice and I've become a fan of his. Anyway, you can see the video and listen to the song at this youtube page.

I've been filled with feelings of possibility and hope. Love is at the centre of it all and by that I mean the feeling of being in love with the possibility of love, the feeling of being in love with life and seeing it for its endless possibilities and to tie it all together the hope that things will fall in to place as and when they are needed. The above song makes my heart soar. I think it's more the singer's voice, but I first heard it while at dance class and I got lost in it. It makes me smile and it makes me wistful and it makes me want to move around like a ballerina but I refrain from the latter since I've never taken ballet, so I'd rather not chance it at this stage in life. :) Instead, I pick up Jackie and dance with her while she licks my face hoping to escape. Life is all about moments sometimes, isn't it?

This year has been good to me thus far. Work is going well, I'm managing on my own, Jackie is back and I even met someone. I wasn't looking for anyone and it just sort of happened. I think that just makes it special in its own way. I realized that my heart was open to possibilities and that somehow the bitterness melted away and even though fear clouds it every now and then, I'm able to rise above it when I make up my mind to do so.

So here's to possibilities and new beginnings and now thanks to the Mac Air advertisement, I have come across the perfect song to capture all that I feel. (If you click on the title of this post, you'll be able to hear and see it). I hope you enjoy the song, it makes me happy. :)


Gary said...

Very nice Vee! Yes, here's to possibilities ... and seeking light no matter how dark it gets.

Anonymous said...


It is a lovely song. I can definitely relate to what you are feeling. I remember a quote from Readers Digest- " To be in love is like a helium balloon inflated in your heart". Okay those weren't the exact words. But, you understand right. Take care and happy for you.


♥nova-san said...

Yes! Cheers to possibilities and new beginnings! And congratulations on getting the courage to open up your heart again. That's a great accomplishment in itself.

Aarthi Bharath said...

Hey.... Nice blog... The happiness that you are experiencing is expressed in your words too.... All the best to new begginings and may you always be happy.