January 17, 2007

The one I miss the most.

Because of new developments in my life, Jackie has been living separate from me. She lives with my ex-husband and while this is temporary (because we all know Jackie's my dog), it has been a source of tremendous heartache for me. I've moved in with my folks since the beginning of November, and they were not too keen on having Jackie around. To make things "easier" on all of us and in a way knowing that A would be glad for the company as well, Jackie went to stay with him. I visit her often. Or rather, I did - every other day the first month. But everytime I left her, I would cry on the ride back home and I couldn't take it anymore. I now visit her over the weekends and every now and then during the week. I always get a very excited greeting when I visit her and when I leave she always looks confused. But she's a smart dog and her responses at my leaving her these days are more calm. But I do love it when A says that she's happy when I'm there - as she smiles. And yes, she does smile. Anyway, I chose to have her stay with him because at the time I had no other choice. But I hope to change the living situation in a few months so until then here's a little collage of the being that's brought a lot of happiness and love in to my heart.


Gary said...

I hope you find a way to live with Jackie soon. I'm glad you're getting some visits and am positive she will feel loyal and loving to you at all times.

Nice slide show too!

Rauf said...

pardon my intrusion, the fact that Jackie is with your ex husband can mean only one thing that he still respects your sentiments. Something very positive ?

Vee said...

Thanks Gary. She definitely is loyal and loving at all times :) Well put.

Rauf: You're right. He does respect my sentiments and viceversa. But the post wasn't about it. It was mainly about me missing Jackie and finding life missing a lot of its colours without her. :) And you're not intruding.

Dimitri A. van Zantvliet Rozemeijer MBA said...

Dear Vee, everything wil be allright. Time will help you for sure.. Trust on the power of the universe..