December 17, 2006

Hero (Shahrukh Khan and Kajol)

I love this song. I love this Indian cinema couple. To see both these elements come together in this well cemented video is amazing. I hope you enjoy it as I have. Of course this may make more sense to my fellow Indians, but I know a lot of you out there love Bollywood just the same. :) Besides, a good song and a good video is all that matters. *sigh* Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to the idealistic simple lyrics and observing the costumes.

Bollywood seems a rich mixtures of story and dance!!

My eldest daughter journeyed to India some time ago for a wedding!! The celebrations lasted for 3 days!!

Best wishes

sophie said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!
do you live in toronto?
i am there quite often!!!!:)

he is so cute, no?
great song!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vee - you romantic you! Such a short many fantasies...

I'm an old fart and I felt moved.

Hope you're well and have a good festival season break.

Anonymous said...

hehe, nice vid. it reminds me of high school since most of the clips are from that time. Gary, the scenes are from different movies, hence the wide range of "fantasies". lol but usually indian movie song are nothing but fantasies. :)

Anonymous said...

miss you!
time to post!

--Sunrise-- said...

awwwwwwwh. Beautiful... LOVE this video... am a huge fan of SRK and Kajol...

Came here through Sophie's blog! :D

Vee said...

Sunrise: thank you for visiting! :) Glad to meet another fan of this pair!

Sophie: Thanks for missing me! I'm back and hopefully will be back to blogging soon.

Gary said...

I am the anonymous quote above - are you up on the buzz for the new Bollywood release in TO?

Vee said...

Gary: I am! Ofcourse I am! :) Hmm, it's weird how the comments are showing up as anonymous now. Probably coz I switched to the new blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear.

I was really moved by this. It´s been a while since that´s happened.

All is well though. I just hope you´re okay.

PS: Consider this as proof of life, dear ;-)