January 03, 2006

How now...

...brown cow? (pic of The Far Side cow).

Erm, is there a response to that question? A few years ago, someone mentioned it to me and I thought it was really cool. But I can't for the life of me remember if there is a response to that question. As in... 'See you later alligator, in a while crocodile'. So I thought I'd put this out into the blogging world and see if someone can help me out. It's just a random thought, nothing major. Thanks! :)


Lindsay Lobe said...

It was our favoutite saying when I was a child .......(maybe I'm stil one at heart ) but in terms of years thats about 50.

Where did it come from ? .......The lyrics are from the 50's rock music with the legendary Bill Haley and the Comets.
Maybe their people you may never have heard of .....but we had fun listening to them and stomping around to their melodies which bacame the culture down under ....imported from the USA.

They are still performing
and have also added another world record to their impressive list of firsts, to be the oldest rock band to have performed in the world famous Los Angeles "Viper Room". Not once, but twice last year to sell-out crowds.

I have included the reference here for you http://www.rhull.freeserve.co.uk/lyrics1.htm

I believe you might like the catchy simple tunes and especially "Rock around the Clock ". These days I mainly listen to opera--but i also still enjoy Bill Haley !!

Vsit my website and give your opinion on what you believe but cant prove should that be of interest !!

I came to yours via DA to read about his extraordinary courage in rescuing the "Jack Russell".

best wishes

Vee said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thanks for your comment!:) I had no idea 'See you later alligator...' was part of a song! That's cool! And I have heard the song Rock around the clock before, but didn't know who sang it. I did visit your blog, but was unable to leave a valuable comment. Cheers!

Gary said...

How now, brown cow?

"Pretty big, little pig."

(I made that up - can you tell?)

Vee said...

Yes Gary! (lol) It's no where near the alligator and crocodile reference! Thanks for attempting! (l)