January 04, 2006

Enter the 'Dog House'

No, this isn't a post about a man being in a dog house (as the saying goes). I was browsing the ASPCA site and came across something interesting and useful. Since owing a dog, I've become involved (to the point of obsession, yes I know) with how animals are treated and various other topics concerning animals. I've also been talking to friends about what life is like with a pet around and it has generated some interesting discussions. I know for a fact that my life (& I for that matter) have not been the same since the moment I walked into the pet store and saw Jackie. It's gobsmacking (hehehe, gotta use this word whenever I can!) how perspectives change, priorities shift and you as a person become comfortable with reading your dog's mind. :) Anyway, I find Jackie absolutely fascinating because she is my first pet and I still can't believe at times that after wanting a dog since childhood, after being scared silly of a pomeranian, I now own and roughhouse with a German Shepherd.

Going back to the ASPCA site, they have a feature called
Dog House, whereby a person thinking of owning a dog can virtually see the effects of owning a pet and also determine the needs of a dog, etc. It also provides you with encouragement when you choose to do something right and nudges you in the right direction when you do something wrong. A good learning tool for those who aren't sure if owing a pet is right for them. I see it as one step in responsible ownership of a pet and helping you make that decision.

Jackie says "Woof"!


babbles said...

Wow, how handsome you are. Maybe you can come up to see me sometime.


babbles said...

My mommy better put on some glasses, you are a girl dog like me. Sorry!


Jackie said...

Thanks Heidi. I'm a lady though...so I ought to be called beautiful really. :) I'd love to visit you someday. - Jackie

Vee said...

No harm done Heidi! :) - Jackie

babbles said...

I hope Jackie doesn't see my new clothes and get jealous. Or maybe she is too dignified to be caught in such getups. I have to wear these to please my mommy.


Vee for Jackie said...

(lol) nah, I'm not jealous of your threads Heidi. My dad tries to dress me up every now and then in some obscure t-shirt of his, but I always manage to get them off. I'm happy being clothes free. :) - Vee for Jackie.