January 23, 2006

Fold your shirt in under 4 seconds.

I came across this video - How to fold a shirt (in Japan). Saw it. Stared at it. Mind tried to comprehend. Tried it - a few times. Finally successful. Threw hands up in jubilation. Decided to blog. The end.


Gary said...

You are indeed an eclectic blogger Vee! I might try this later, but it looked like magic to me!

Thanks for your post on 'stages of life'. Where would you fly if you could?

DA said...

That looks great Vee. I would appreciate such a film for my business shirts.. Or a Japanese to manage it efficiently :-))

Vee said...

Gary: did you try it out?
Given a choice of flying to only one place it would be Ireland. It's been a dream for a while.

Dimitri: I think it would be easier to hire a Japanese to fold shirts - business and casual. :) But give it a try!