January 22, 2006

'Baghdad Burning'

While idly perusing the pages of the January issue of Jane magazine, I came across a blurb mentioning a blog. Of course that caught my interest and it had information about where to find the inside scoop on what's actually going on in Baghdad. The blog is called Baghdad Burning and it is written by a twentysomething Iraqi woman. Do take a look, it's informative and eye-opening.


DareDevil said...

nice post :)

Lindsay Lobe said...

An amazing Blog from a remarkable Iraqi lady, which I read with great interest.

It gives an insight into the mindset and agony of a once mighty nation as it struggles to co exist amongst the continuing violence.

Best wishes

Gary said...

What a great lead. I'll bookmark this and keep watching. It's so different to hear these things from someone there, rather than the filtered versions through the media. She's a good writer too.