December 31, 2005

A visit to the LCBO...

...resulted in my sister purchasing a bottle of Absolut Vodka, a 6 pack of fruity Vodka shots (those new things that have interesting flavours like Butterscotch and Vanilla)and a King can of Budweiser. I, who had no intention of buying any alcohol, walked out with a 6 pack bottle case of Smirnoff Ice, a 6 pack bottle case of Smirnoff Triple Black and a bottle of Tequila (since I love tequila!). She also got carded, which was hilarious. The LCBO was really busy tonight. Interesting to see the things people stack up on. I was wondering what kind of parties half the people in there were going to attend. Anyway, I have no real plans to bring in the New Year's. After having once celebrated in Times Square and in one of the previous year's having had a blast in Calcutta, nothing else seems to compare. Or perhaps, I'm just mellow this time around. In case you're wondering about the alcohol, it's supposed to be for our (my sister's and I) 'let's get smashed' party on Sunday! (Will let you know how that goes, if it happens).
Anyway, speaking of alcohol and Varsha being carded brought to mind this hilarious time when I was in University and dragged a good friend of mine to a bar because this really cute guy at work had recommended it. I had had a major crush on this guy and all he had to do was walk into the room and say Hello and I was grinning from ear to ear and I couldn't stop. For all I know, he could've said the dumbest thing possible and I would still be grinning.
Anyway, so this friend and I end up at this highly recommended bar only to find it filled with erm, older people. I thought it would be a hip hang out spot and it turned out to be an above thirty-something watering hole. No offence, but at that time we were twenty so you can imagine the death glares I was getting from my pal all night long. I even ran into my guidance counsellor there which just enhanced the whole experience. (lol) The embarassing yet hilarious story is that I was new to the alcohol scene and so when the waitress came to our table and asked us what we wanted I promptly said "beer"! She looked at me and asked, "what kind". My mind was blank. I stared at her and mumbled "what kind do you have?" That's when she pleasantly said "May I see your i.d.?" I think my friend ducked under the table at this point. Anyway, once my age had been rightfully established, in the dark and smoky bar, I got my beer and had clarity. The guy I was crushing on was way too old for me. It was one of those 'look but don't touch' things (lol). When a man who was old enough to be our grandfather started oggling my pal, we made a run for the exit. (lol)
Obviously, she never lets me forget how much I owe her. :)

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