December 31, 2005

The English Language

I am an English major. Yes, I am. Please do not ask me the meaning to every obscure word you can come up with. Let me point you to the site for my peace of mind. :) Anyway, I once had a passionate conversation, albeit one-sided with me talking and my friend listening, about how the English language is being thoroughly abused. Expressing one's self means learning to use abusive words as often as possible. Or making even the most boring and commonplace things sound utterly fascinating and completely far away from reality as possible. Yes, I am on one of my soap-box's.

Why can't people just say what they mean and be done? Why can't a person explore the qualities of a well-placed silent moment if they have nothing to say at all? Why can't people use adverbs sparingly? The sad state of the English language is such that I am tired of listening to people who need to swear every other second or having to listen to a conversation that has no substance to it at all. I admit I don't have something worthwhile to say all the time but I'm just infuriated by having people gush over the silliest things and then to be expected to respond in kind. When was it okay to go out into the world and be bombarded with lewd language and useless words? I'm not talking about interfering with anyone's freedom of expression, but when did that expression become such a headache to hear?

Erm, I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way. If I am, I guess I shall mumble something to myself and offer consolation to my own weird thoughts. :)


DA said...

Well put Vee, I couldn't agree more on this. Especially when you live in a small country like ours you see the same people who really don't have a clue at all, commenting on tv, radio and internet.

The Dutch parliament is now discussing to send troops to Afghaniastan for example. The same people that commented on the Parisian riots now share their nonsense on dangers of war.


Vee said...

Thank you Dimitri! Should we take over the broadcasting world? :)