December 16, 2005

Nick Brandt

I just wanted to let you know about this amazing photographer called Nick Brandt. I was going through one of O Magazine's latest issue's and I saw 'On this earth' mentioned. 'On this earth', is a publication by Nick Brandt featuring African wildlife. Each picture is enthralling and exquisite and tells a story. To see what I am talking about please visit his website at: I don't know how he managed to portray these animals so beautifully. I wish I had half his talent.

(Thanks to O Magazine for featuring him).


Gary said...

Thanks for the link. These photos are truly mezmerizing.

Odd to have such beauty in the animal kingdom have to share the page with your link to Sir Paul's story on China and fur...

Honouring animal life is important - if we don't, we dishonour our own lives.

Vee said...

I completely agree with you Gary. I guess we've seen both the good and the bad side to how humanity can deal with animals. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving just the right messages. :) As soon as I saw Nick Brandt's website, I immediately ordered his book from Chapters. I sit and stare at the pictures almost daily.

JBlue said...

Vee, saw your post at Withinsight (one of my favorite sites), and decided to visit the blog of a fellow quote "afficionado."

Thanks for pointing this out. I had seen one of the photographs, but I didn't know he had done so much. As Gary said, they're mesmerizing! I have a little boy who will love this, too.