December 16, 2005


I received, what I perceive to be, an interesting compliment today. A cute co-worker, whom I was working with, for the better part of this morning, suddenly looked up at me said "You smell amazing!" I stared at him and didn't know how to respond. I think I mumbled thank you and for the rest of the day went about in a giddy mood! (lol) You can bet I'm going to be drowning myself in that perfume, daily! (lol)

But it made me think of the various compliments I have received that have been filed away under the interesting title. For example, a friend once remarked that I had the whitest teeth he had seen. (lol) Still thinking about that makes me crack up. I already go around saying that I have horse like teeth, now trying to imagine them bright and white makes me laugh out loud. Another time, a friend's sister remarked that she liked my eyebrows. I remember saying thank you and wondering how on earth people paid attention to such things. I don't think I have ever complimented anyone on their teeth or eyebrow shape. But I guess some people pay close-r attention to detail than others do. Me - I notice colours first. And everything else follows that. I think I've only given people compliments on their abilities and personalities and actions and such. I don't remember telling anyone "oh, I love your finger nails" or some such thing. Maybe I should start?

Speaking of compliments, don't you ever wonder why some people just aren't able to say something nice about another person? I think the terms are either jealousy and/or insecurity. I have no problem in appreciating someone for how they look (when well-dressed) or what they've done or their spirit. But I find these days that you can go by an entire day without hearing one nice word. What's more sometimes you hear so much enthusiasm and excitement for the silliest things, you begin to wonder if the speaker actually means what they say. I think, especially in North America one can get so lost in compliments, you can leave a conversation wondering if anything real was said. I try not to cater to this phenom, infact sometimes I just want to slap someone who's being very silly with their nice-ities and tell them "Enough already. You're making me sound like the saint I'm not!" Don't get me wrong - I like receiving a GENUINE compliment as much as the next person. It makes you feel damn good about yourself or something you've done. But an overkill on it for things that simply require common sense, often leaves me wondering about the value of the words. Sorry, this is just something that's been irking me for a while now. While I go around trying to make sure I say what I mean and mean what I say (yeah, yeah, yeah), there are many others who go around just saying stuff to fill the dead space. (geez, I really do have a problem with this, don't I?).

Anyway, by far the weirdest off-handed compliment I have received involves my lips and no, it was not from a guy. It was from a lady who came up to me at a bus-stop shelter and asked me if I wouldn't mind accompanying her to the botox clinic nearby. I honestly thought one of us was mad at that moment. Anyway, she said that she was sick of her thin almost non-existant lips and she didn't want Angeline Jolie's in your face ones. As she was walking by, she noticed little (stupid) me and thought mine were perfect! (lol) Now I'm not blowing my own horn, but I have been told once before that I had a model's lips. (This is not an invitation for people who know me and who don't know me to judge my lips!). Anyway, I had a million thoughts racing through my brain at that moment and they all got tangled up and then became silent and I just ended up staring at her. Thankfully, the bus came two minutes after her request (saved by the bus!) and I made up some lame story about rushing to feed my kid (hey, Jackie was starving by then! *hehe*) and I boarded the bus and heaved a sigh of relief. I mean can you imagine? If I had gone with her to the botox clinic and had someone actually point out to me and scrutinize...aaahhhh, never mind. As I said, the weirdest compliment by far.

And Lavy, no my dear, I don't know how these things happen to me.


Anonymous said...

Your nose is very well placed in proportion to your eyes and ears?

vee said...

(lol) Thanks Suraj! Please stop being anonymous and erm, reveal yourself the next time 'round. hehehe

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lavanya said...

ROFL! I was JUSTTTTTTTT about to ask how these things happen to you:) Anyhow, it's nice to give compliments and receive them too I think. At work today, a lady came in wearing a really cool pair of shoes and I complimented her on it. I don't think it takes much time to tell someone something nice if you genuinely feel it. Another lady came in with the world's most awesomest purse and I was like WOW that's so cool. I think I stepped out of my "hi, welcome to bath and body works" bit, but who cares! She was surprised and said thanks and we got into a whole discussion about purses and such:):) Annnnd a co-worker today told me that she liked the eyeshadow I had on - "It's very pretty" she said:) Made my day!

Vee said...

oohhh see the benefits of using a little bit of make-up! and to think the number of times i've been after you! hehehe anyway, i think we should say atleast one thing nice to someone per day. even if it's to each other. hahaha we can be dorks! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh Veena, I love the bracelet you're wearing today! It's gorgeous:) Looks perfect on you *ROFL*

Nas :) said...

Your teeth really are quite white... what is your secret? Also, how can i get to be your height?