August 25, 2004


I came in early to work today. Got here at 7:30a.m. as opposed to my usual 8:30a.m. And thank God that I felt I had to travel early this morning. My sister called me up at 8:25a.m frantic with worry. I could hear her freaking out and she asked me where I was and I was surprised. I said, "I'm at work. I came in early this morning" to which she let out a loud "Thank God". Then she told me that she was listening to the news and there was a hostage takeover situation happening at Union Station. That sent shivers up my spine, because Union Station is where I get off in Toronto (to come to work). Had I taken my usual train, I would've been caught in the middle of this situation. Thank goodness for Divine Intervention. This week has definitely been eventful. We had relatives visiting and had a grand time with them. Then I sprained my neck and shoulder and am suffering quite honestly. Now, this hostage situation right here! It's made me very emotional and very thankful indeed. It's funny sometimes - the timing of things.
To check out the news item please go to: Hostage at Union


Anonymous said...

Wow Meister!!
That must have been an interesting way to start your work day! Glad you're doing alright though.

Pixie La Roo said...

Phew! Glad you missed the hostage episode.