July 15, 2013

Babloo and Blondie

This is the story of Babloo and Blondie - two creatures who had the odds stacked against them yet they lived their moments fully for the short time they were around and sadly left us with only memories.

I met Babloo when I was volunteering at the Blue Cross of India - Chennai.  That is also how I met a new friend, Bhargav.  Bhargav was holding this gorgeous sleek black puppy whose eyes sparkled brightly and who seemed to have a permanent smile etched on his sweet little face.  Just one glance and you could see he (Babloo) was full of love and life.  I asked Bhargav if I could hold the puppy and from the moment I did, I felt like I did not want to be parted from Babloo.  If you put him on the floor, Babloo went from one end of the room to another like lightning!  Oh, did I mention his back legs were paralysed due to a severe form of dysplasia?  Despite that, one could never have called this creature handicapped in any way.  Everyone who came in contact with him fell in love with him and wanted him to be adopted and find a forever home.  I was seriously looking up the process involved to bring Babloo back with me to Canada.  That's how attached I got to him in simply one day.  I would run to BCI so I could carry him around with me during the time I spent there.

Eventually, since I was on vacation, I decided to go traveling and seeing other sights that India had to offer and it was during my stay in Wellington that Bhargav called to tell me that Babloo had passed away.  To say I was saddened would be a trivial expression to how I felt the moment I heard the news.  To his credit, Bhargav had managed to find a foster home for Babloo but it was too late.  While at BCI, Babloo had contracted parvo and unfortunately his symptoms were caught too late and Babloo passed away in Bhargav's arms.   Bhargav did not want me to find out via Facebook or through some other means, so he called to give me the news himself.  It was difficult not to cry and while I had my cousins to share my sorrow with, nothing could fully express how I felt about Babloo's passing.  There was, for a short period of time, this vibrant, positive, energetic being who filled you with faith and hope along with the strength to never give up.  And then he was gone and I was not even there during his last few moments.  I think that is what bothers me the most along with the sense of unfairness that descends upon your thoughts because one cannot make sense of it.  When I think of him, which is often enough, I remember this smiling, bright-eyed face and body that was nestled in my arms.  I miss him terribly and I hope he didn't suffer too much in the end.

I met Blondie at my cousin Shan's place in Wellington.  She was one of 5 kittens born to Shan and Dennis' cat - Smokey.  Blondie had been the runt of the litter and was quite the trouble-maker.  She was my favourite.  She picked fights with her siblings, got into mischief often  and snuggled up when the time was right.  To say she was precocious would not be a lie.  After a few months with their mother, all 5 kittens would be adopted by other humans and would go off to their new homes.  My cousin Vidu's favourite was Felix - the philosopher and Shan found her favourite in Coal - a kitten with jet black paws and really soft fur.  He could do no wrong in her eyes and infact it was Blondie who was scolded often for causing mayhem and troubling her sisters and brother.   Off went the kittens to their respective new homes, all except for Coal who remained with Shan.

A few days back, Vidu told me that Blondie had passed away sometime last week.  Four of the five kittens had been infected with a bacteria/virus and did not make it.  We are all sad of course.  It is hard to imagine that beings you chased around, held in your arms and watched in absolute delight and fascination are no longer breathing or moving; no longer alive.  Blondie - the fighter - was not able to pull through and this unfortunate turn of events disheartens me to know end.

And so, I need to write.  It is my best way in dealing with emotions such as these.  I know the logical reasons that tell me that Babloo and Blondie could not have survived, but I am trying to understand emotionally, and even spiritually, why they had such short lives.  I guess you could reflect and say that they taught me/us to live each day and moment to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow brings.  Animals do not think of or plan for the future.

Inspite of all that, all I can feel now is a great amount of sadness and sorrow and I know that one day I will have tempered my emotions when I fondly remember them.  But now you also know that lovely creatures such as Babloo and Blondie existed.  They were loved, a lot, and they are missed a lot.


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