December 26, 2009

Dwelling - a poem

My cousin wrote a poem called 'Dwelling.' I asked to borrow it because it spoke to me. She said I could because it sounded like me. (paraphrasing here).

i refuse to toe the line
and not wear my heart on my sleeve
and live in constant fear
that if i'm candidyou'll leave
that's your tripthis let me play it safe
it's not the whisky i sip
i absolutely refuse to obey
so i'm going to be honest
and tell it like i see fit
if you don't like it
tell me please don't leave.
- SS
I thank you for it Vidu.


Gary said...

Very direct and well crafted. And I'd tell you if I didn't like it :)

Best to you Vee.

lindsaylobe said...

Nice poem as indictaed by Gary.

I was very sorry to hear your having such hard time as seems apparent from your previous blog postings and I do trust you will experience some healing and tranquility un 2010 – to see a diminution in your pains and depression to encounter better health and wellbeing.
Best wishes