December 01, 2006

Citroen C4 - Must see Ad

It's so creative. And it's been done by Canadian guys.


Anonymous said...

We don’t see many good ads but when you do one realises how we can learn to be creative,

Best wishes

DA said...

Great add. Oh, by the way. You won last friday contest day!!!! HURRAY FOR VEENA

Pixie La Roo said...

what contest?

Anonymous said...

THis is great Vee - I'm stealing (I mean borrowing) it!

Anonymous said...

Very funny and now very stolen (I mean borrowed)!

Vee said...

Lindsay: you're right as usual!

DA: Thank you!! Ahem, where's my souveneir already!!

Pixie: a guess the place contest!

Gary: You're welcome to borrow (you mean steal) this anytime! hehehe