November 11, 2006

War Children

In honour of Remembrance Day, here is a picture of Janani and

Disclaimer: No actual children were hurt when this picture was taken. The owner of this photograph means no blasphemy to the importance of the actual day.


Gary said...

Very nice Vee.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Nice picture and names, originally African and Bolivian I think!
Best wishes

DA said...

Nice, are you acquainted with them?
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Veena, I'm truly proud of you for taking such a wonderful piece of history and immortalizing it on this blog. It's often that we remember soldiers and other hands in the war, but we tend to forget the children who were mute observers of the horrors of war. This is a beautiful memento you have posted on your blog and I'm so glad that you were able to share such a private part of your heritage with your friends. Love you babe,


Vee said...

Gary: that's my sister and me as kids! it was an old random pic I came across and had to post coz it looked too funny.

Lindsay: You're being funny right?? I made those names up. Very desi. Very old. :)

DA: I'd say I was very well acquainted with them

Kaumu: I'm going to have to come kick ur ass! LOL For those who don't know...she changed this pic to sepia from the original so it would look historical!

Thank you all for your comments!:) Janani and Tinku thank you! :)