August 14, 2006

'Sorry Again'

sorry again - video

I've begun to hate the human race. We destroy so much. Here is one such proof. I can't even express all my's too sad. These poor dogs. Yes, I know they have viciously attacked adults and children. I know the good and the bad, but they are animals. Certain behaviour patterns are intrinsic in them. And I've noticed many-a-time the fault lies with the owner of the dog.

Being a dog owner myself, I can see how my training Jackie in certain ways makes her behave in a particular manner. My lack of control over her is my own fault. It is not Jackie's fault, because she does not know any better. We have bred these wolf descendents to be our companions in life and if we do not train them then the blame only falls to us. Any way, I'm off topic here. Will save that sphiel for another post.

Looking at this video brought what I had been feeling to the forefront. a) I've unknowingly become an animal advocate and b) the human race can be and is despicable. (My thoughts may be all over the place since I'm trying to say a lot).

We destroy natural habitats and then complain about the animals who've lost their homes and wander on to streets, "invade" our homes and "encroach" on our territory. It's a vicious circle. We destroy them. The other day as I was driving, I watched a squirrel try and cross the road and I wondered if the squirrel even knew it was a road it was crossing and if the traffic lights even made any sense. If a car approached the squirrel, the squirrel would probably be frightened half to death, at the sound of what I imagine to be a horrific roar. Most people don't stop for the animals trying to get to safer ground. It saddens me to see roadkill. I know a lot of people don't think twice about roadkill, but seriously I don't think any being was put on this earth to be flattened by a car tire so viciously. It is heart-breaking to see beautiful wolves killed on a BC highway, because people feel the need to speed. (I saw that on a WWF special). We build these highways, thereby forcing animals to run scared, not knowing or understanding what's happening around them and thanks to us there's many more animals on the endangered list.

I really hate people these days, and I make no apologies for it.

Yes, I am aware that there are animal lovers out there and organizations trying to protect animals... but there are far more people out there walking around this planet thinking it belongs to only them and they can do what they wish with it.

People sit and tell me we're high on the food chain and that we have brains and the power to think and make choices and that is how we are different from animals, but I've begun to respect animals in a different way because most of them know when to stop. And what I mean by that is, they know their ways, they know their roles and they don't extend beyond that usually. If they are pushed to behave in a way un-natural to them it is usually thanks to us.

I think I've expressed whatever I can on this topic. I need to work with the World Wildlife Fund. Anyone know anyone there?


Gary said...

Vee, I can feel your heartfelt cry for compassion, reason and for we huanoids to stop being so freaking arrogant. I also can feel that you can't see much (any?) hope or good in humanity.

I feel for all living creatures that suffer from our arrogance - from the birds that hit our windows to the factory farmed pigs to the bears that are killed where I live, because they end up in human garbage and left-out food.

When I feel anger and despair around the human condition, I try to also focus on beauty (nature, art, music usually) and also try to find some way that I can stand up for what's right - and some way to express my anger... and my love. You're not alone sister.

Vee said...

Thank you Gary. I knew you'd understand. I do focus on the beauty and even the ugly sides to nature...but I'm usually in awe over nature and her ways. But as for humanity... I don't know what to say.