July 02, 2006

The nuisance that is calorie counting.

One of the topics that is the source of infinite irritation for me these days is the lunch time topic of calorie counting. I guess, it's not simply a lunch time conversation, but that's when I hear it most - at work among co-workers. There we were sitting in the cafeteria during lunch, about to enjoy our meals or so I thought when the dreaded topic was started. Perfectly normal and seemingly healthy women were complaining about almost every morsel of food they were putting into their mouths. Pizzas, burgers, frieds, salads, salad dressings, sandwiches, icecream, pop, juices - everything was dissected under the finest of female minds. I was quite literally the odd one out. I've never calorie counted, nor do I intend to begin. I like what I eat and I eat what I like and I don't let thoughts like I wonder how many calories this piece of bread constitutes clutter my head. I love bread, potatoes, chocolate, coffee, icecream and yes...there are months when I'm looking my worst in terms of weight, and there are of course following months when I'm fit as a fiddle. However, I don't believe that counting my calorie intake will help me attain my healthy weight goal. I think all things in moderation will let you enjoy the finest of foods this world has to offer - with the exception of highly emotional moments and PMS (ofcourse this addresses the female half of the world). If there are times when you need to pig out, then by all means pig out. I don't think there's anything wrong in that, provided you have a healthy mental state.

The worst of the complainers, I've found, are the people who constantly complain about the calories said pizza, fries, etc. contain yet, they insist on still eating these food items. If it is really that bad for you, please eat something healthy and less caloric and give my ears some rest. Else, shut up and enjoy your damn food. Grrr...<-- Jackie


Gary said...

Right on! Enjoy your food and if you don't want something, don't talk about it, just chew on something else.

Too bad our society is so focused on size, weight, food etc. I think the focus itself (plus marketing of unhealthy eats) is part of the cause of unhealth.

As a wise doc once said to me," Gary it's not what people eat that makes them sick - it's what's eating them!"

Anonymous said...

*ahem*..didh..please dont ever take me out to lunch..or eat with me..or offer to eat with me..pls..lol..*shudder*
STILL forgot my user id n password *hmph*

Kaumudee said...

I'm so over ppl bitchin about pizza and fries. Have it. Have it in moderation. My personal weakness is junky Indian snacks. SAVE ME VEEEEEEE !!!

Vee said...

Kaumu: it's ok. junky indian snacks are ok. enjoy!! hehehe