July 11, 2006

My Almost Happy

This post is dedicated to the puppy I almost took home today. I saw him at the pet store. That was my first error, walking into the pet store as opposed to walking by the pet store. He was the happiest puppy I've ever seen behind glass panes. He was white - white as snow - and fluffy and happy. He was alert, curious and just exuding positivity. And yes, I got all this from staring at him for five minutes. My imagination launched into overdrive (as it normally does) and I imagined him as the perfect companion for Jackie. Jackie does get bored at home when I'm at work I'm sure. I also saw (in my head) that I'd have to buy a new feeding bowl for him and how I'd have to tell Jackie that she had her own bowl and he had his. I'd already begun to envision the long walks the three of us would take when I snapped out of this reverie and made a call to the hubby to tell him in very whiny tones about my Happy. The hubby ofcourse said the words I knew he would and so I left the pet store, leaving a piece of my heart behind. Yes, this may sound melodramatic to some, but it's how I felt and still feel. I can't afford to get another dog at the moment. Logically, it's right. But emotionally, that beautiful curious white puppy was already mine. On the bus ride home, I named him Happy. When I think of him, all I think is happy. And while I'm disconsolate about leaving him behind, I'm praying (really hard) that he goes to a good home. Because I certainly don't trust that all pet owners are good.

Lesson learnt: Walk BY pet stores.

P.S: I think he was an American Eskimo by breed.

P.P.S: Kinda appropriately, these lyrics just popped into my head...
This one goes out to the one I love
This one goes out to the one I've left behind
A simple prop to occupy my time
This one goes out to the one I love - The One I Love by R.E.M


Haider Droubi said...

nice blog

Kaumudee said...

Oh my god...I'm totally like that...I would want to take him home. Good for you, for being tougher than I am...More importantly, right now is not a good time to get another little one. Jackie is definitely keeping you busy, but a new puppy would be too much work around now. Later on when things are less busy at work, you can try getting one like him. God I can PICTURE Happy.....Thank you for that lovely vision !

Athena said...

Awww..that was so sweet! Wish I could have seen the puppy too.

Matt said...

I have that same problem.. everytime I go near a pet store I want to buy all the puppies. Wish I could. :)

Anonymous said...

i saw happy and got to pet him with didh and he is truly 'happy' SUCH a cute lil cotton ball!!!!!!!!

Vee said...

Haider: welcome, and thank you. :)

Kaumu: logically you're right. But, I know myself. I have no complaints about taking on more work esp. re: a puppy. I was all set to get him, but I waited too long and he became someone else's. Anyway, another time another pup. Thank you for that lovely compliment re: Happy's description.

Anya: you would've loved him. And carried him as well. :) I almost imagined that moment.

GP aka anonymous: I miss him. You'll never know how much.

Lindsay Lobe said...

I see you nearly bought a puppy from the pet shop
The one you could barely afford
I am sure that the puppy will find a good owner
To chase all your blue thoughts away !!

Your puppies sure to find a good companion
To light up a life and play games
Together in the evening and when its bedtime
sweet dreams for a puppies new day

lets hope !!

best wishes