April 07, 2006

My Rant.

I was listening to the news today and it was disheartening. Yes, news tend to be horrific these days. Anyway, I was listening to local news about how the grandparents of a 5 year old boy were found guilty of child abuse. The boy had been found in 2002 and he had died due to starvation. It's a really sad case and as the news caster was saying, "the system failed him". His parents had been abusive and he was taken from that abusive situation and placed with his grandparents who were known to be child abusers. The poor kid eventually died.

In, another unrelated piece of news, a body of a newborn
baby was discovered in a plastic bag inside a vacant apartment in Mississauga. For some reason, these two news items really bothered me today. Ok, let me not pretend not to know why they caught my attention. Being a caring person, I was aghast that people could behave in such horrific ways with children. And then that disbelief turned into anger. Rage. At human beings who go around performing such stupid and dastardly deeds. And then I just basically wanted to yell out, "Stop having kids! Stop claiming to be an intelligent being and having kids and treating them like s***. These kids have done nothing wrong. They don't even know what wrong is yet. Who the heck are you to deal with a life in such a way? What even gave you the idea that you could have a kid and care for them? Don't you have a brain to realize that perhaps you cannot have a kid or rather should not have a kid? "

So this is my rant:

Look around you. There are so many babies out there in the world - abandoned, abused, in foster care, looking for loving homes. If you are a loving person please consider taking them in as opposed to adding to the world's population. I know, who am I to preach? I don't even know at this point if I'm going to have a child of my own - biologically speaking. Not that I don't want one. But I know for a fact and with absolute conviction that my child will be loved and well taken care of and brought up in the best way possible. *touchwood* But I DO NOT understand people who cannot fulfill the responsibility of being a parent. Listen dumbass, you don't have the right to talk about your life and yourself once you have a kid. You had sex, you didn't use protection, you wanted a child, a kid isn't a novelty item, etc.etc. - they come with responsibilities. If you can't and you know you can't take care of your kid, please put him/her up for adoption. Hopefully, they will have a good life. I know such is not always the case. But it is better than abusing them through no fault of their own or putting them in a fricking plastic bag and killing them. What gives you the right? People can be completely ruthless.

Everything is exploding. Don't you see it? Our population. Population of animals. Breeders, maybe you should stop trying to breed more and more dogs and bring more puppies into the world. It seems that not everyone realizes that puppies have feelings too. That they come with their share of huge responsibility. That while babies can eventually speak and while we can understand their language better, puppies are only always to be interpreted. After the cute-ness factor has faded (I don't think it ever fades, but...) there is a living, breathing being in front of you begging for your love and ability to take care of them (or so they believe). But instead, dogs are abandoned and placed into many full-to-the-brim humane societies and eventually put to sleep. Why? Because we who first create many of them, finally complete the cycle of birth and death for them.

And we call ourselves the most intelligent species on this planet


Lindsay Lobe said...

Life is a mystery and the meaning of life is hard if not impossible to define. To have free will means that life mysterey is free to be noble or incromprehensibly alien to that which is reverent and good.

Best wishes

Gary said...

There is darkness, no doubt... and it hurts sometimes. Good rant Vee...

It's this kind of pain that sometimes turns us to speak out or act.