March 11, 2006

Fields of Gold

I had a good drive today. I love driving. Once in a while, I have an excellent driving day. The sky is blue and clear (sometimes filled with puffy white clouds), the sun is bright, nature is at her best. And then there are days when the sky is brooding and it matches my mood and I drive listening to mellow music and feeling the cool wind in my hair. Today's drive began as a stormy one - rampant with overworked emotions - but then it cleared up to match the wonderful weather we're having. I began to take notice of signs of spring arriving - birds flying back in (I saw some graceful landings), greenery creeping back in, the smell of spring in the air basically. I drove to visit this beautiful little place my mom and I chanced upon a year or two ago. We were simply driving back home and decided to take a different route. This new route led us up and down winding roads and then suddenly we came to this little clearing that looked like paradise at the time. It was summer time and this tiny place was lush with greenery and tall wonderful trees. We had to drive on a tiny wooden bridge which had a babbling brook flowing under it. Mom and I were surprised and really taken in by this small space of beauty among the otherwise dusty road. Anyway, I went back to visit the place, while I was driving around this afternoon, and winter had taken it's toll. It was barren, although the bridge was there and the brook still flowed. But it was a different sort of beauty. I was driving along roads within farm country and I found broken down barns beautiful. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder, but I remember wishing for my camera (which I'm usually with). Guess, I'll have to drive back another day to take some pictures. :)

Fields of Gold brings to mind Sting's sensual rendition of the song. Whenever I pass fields of corn/maize/barley (I don't know what it is exactly) I always remember the song. They are fields of gold and I was happy to see them glittering in the sunlight today. I was tempted (as always) to stop the car and actually go running through them, but then thoughts of life within an asylum stopped me. *grin* Maybe if I had had company...any takers?

Until the next time I go for one of these long drives, and gaze upon these glistening fields, here is Sting's song to hopefully make you imagine what I'm blabbering about.


DA said...

I'll take it..

This song always makes the hidden sadness emerge. Ahh..

know the feeling, know the feeling..

-very deep sigh-

Vee said...

aww Dimitri, I didn't mean to make you sad! :( Cheer up. It's a lovely song that makes you remember... :)

Pixie La Roo said...

hehe, I'll hold your hand as we run. Don't you hate it when you don't have the camera when you want it? It always happens to me. The weather was lovely out here a few weeks back. By that I mean we got the occasional showers of rain. You remember what that was like?

Vee said...

lol Thanks Pixs. But I was hoping for somemore tall and handsome and male holding my hand as we ran through the fields of gold. You can run behind us. LOL

Aah, rain in Dubai...yeah, I remember those. But the humidity comes right back.

Gary said...

Sitting in an internet cafe, with headphones provided by the young woman at the counter... what a lovely moment (the music, not the woman). It's not very golden today, but I feel the invocation of golden beauty... and I have my little streams and special places too.

Vee said...

:) That's great Gary. Everyone needs to have their own special places.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Maybe it all reminds one of the "Chariots of Fire" !

It also reminds me of one of my favourites I have sung many times.
I hope you like it!!

Bob Hurd

As the deer longs for running streams ,so I long, so I long for you
A thirst my soul for you who is my life!when shall I see, when shall I see the face of god?
As the deer longs for running streams ,so I long, so I long for you.

Echoes meet as deep is calling unto deep over my head, all you mighty waters sweeping over me.
As the deer longs for running streams ,so I long, so I long for you.

Continually the foe delights in taunting me "Where is God ? where is your God ? Where oh where are You?"
As the deer longs for running streams , so I long, so I long for you

Defend me God, send forth your light and your truth, they will lead me to your holy moutain, to your dewlling place
As the deer longs for running streams ,so I long, so I long for you.

Then shall I go forth to the altar of my god, praising you, oh my joy and gladness,I will praise your name.
As the deer longs for running streams ,so I long, so I long for you

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

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