February 03, 2006

Happy is: Dermot

happy is dermot Posted by Picasa
I fell in love with this picture (ofcourse with the dog as well). That's how I get with bubbles around me as well. (lol)

I came across this lovely site the other day: http://letsbefriends.blogspot.com/ You'll see some of the cutest friendships there! :)


Gary said...

Woof, woof, grrrrr, sniff, sniff... bark! bark! bark! (tail wagging)

ladyrain said...

awwwwwwwwww!!! bubbbleess bubbleesss My My My bubbllesss!!!

Matt said...

What a great Picture! :)

DA said...

That's a lovely site indeed Veena. I can imagine you sitting over there with a big blogger smile on your face.. Blogsville is becoming an indictment of society last days..Thx for sharing happy thoughts.

Ramya said...

hey vee!!! back to blogging after a while.. the pic is cute..did you take the pic of jackie after seeing this one.. they kinda have the same pose..the bubbles are missing though..:)

Vee said...

Gary: lol. That's cute!

Ladyrain: bubbles rock!

Matt: thanks. Erm, not that I took it but still! :)

Dimitri: You imagined right!! I'm glad I was able to share some happy thoughts. :)

Ramya: Welcome back dudette! I took Jackie's pic last summer. I'm hoping it was me she was looking at so lovingly. lol. I have no clue when Dermot's pic was taken. Jackie goes just as mad with bubbles. It's interesting to see which one of us get more goofy then. hehehe