February 01, 2006

'The Doting Husbands Association?'

I saw a headline today that made me curious. Ok, a lot of things make me curious, but...you'll see (or rather, read).

"TOKYO (Reuters) - A group of Japanese men hoping to encourage the nation's legions of workaholic husbands to head home early and show their wives some appreciation have proclaimed Tuesday "Beloved Wives Day."

The group, which calls itself the "Japan Doting Husbands Association," urged men to get home by 8 p.m. and say thanks to their wives for all they do. "

Want to read more? Please go this Reuter's newspage.

I'm liking the sound of 'Beloved Wives Day'. However, I don't think we need a day set aside to be thanked for all that we do. But I guess for oblivious husbands, this needs to be first scheduled into their PDAs and then it will become habit. :) No no, I'm not bitter. I just find this amusing. It's better than sitting and ranting about how men need to be forcefully reminded to give thanks to their wives while wives have it automatically ingrained in them to appreciate their men. I'm sure there are exceptions, and I'm glad for them. This is simply an observation to the article.


Gary said...

Go girl! And for heaven's sake - 'home by 8:00 pm' - what's that about. The kids are probably already in bed, the kitchen is cleaned and the guy still expects some dinner while he's giving his thanks.

That said, hope some of the boys over there do get started with the thank-yous... and not with any expectation in return (men can be like that, you know. :)


DA said...

"while wives have it automatically ingrained in them to appreciate their men"..

Dear Veena, you obviously haven't talked to the center of emancipated world Netherlands I guess..:-))

Or to my two ex's..:-((

All's fine now..

Don't worry

No trauma's here

No,..we're allright..


Vee said...

lol Gary & Dimitri: I'm sure you're not one of those husbands/men in the aforementioned article! hehehe

Pixie La Roo said...

You said it. I got to show this one to my hubby. lol

Vee said...

hheheheeh I hope he learns and acts rightly upon readin this! :) a certain VDay is coming up! :) hehehe

DA said...

no comment

Vee said...

lol. yeah safe that way eh dimitri. :)

madcapmum said...

8 p.m.? Good grief, that's a society out of balance!

I see you're a dog-person. My kids would LOVE to have a dog, but we're waiting until we're not living in town anymore. In the meantime, we're learning about different breeds and what might be a good choice for our family. Something fairly hardy, since it definitely won't be in the house.