January 01, 2006


I had decided that this year I would make no resolutions. Perhaps that was a resolution onto itself, but I guess I can say I hold the record for the fastest breaking of a resolution. Going through a few blogs and just being in a pondering state of mind, I have resolved to do and not do a few things.

1) To make this year productive - stop being lazy, stop being a wallower, stop being afraid and letting the fear rule me, etc.etc. I realize it will take baby steps and a strong will, I hope to possess it.

2) Take my baby for obedience classes. Treat her in a more disciplined manner for her own good. (Again, her extra rambunctious behaviour is partly a result of my over indulgence and laziness). By the way, by baby I mean my one-year old German Shepherd - Jackie.

3) Relax - not that I'm overworked. But relax and not get uptight about a number of things. I've already started practicing it a little over the past year... I guess just a reminder to carry-on.

4) Accept. Not everything - like morally wrong things, etc. But accept that sometimes you can't change a person or situation even though you may feel you know better. Life is still a learning experience.

Those are my main goals. There are the usuals like weight loss, smell the roses more often but those I do incorporate more often than not, so I don't need to make a specific resolution for it. Anyway, that's it for now. Anyone out there make any interesting resolutions this year? :)


Gary said...

I wasn't going to make resolutions (although I'm in a reflective mood today). However, I just decided that the quote to the right is my 2006 resolution - it won't be easy, but I like it!

'My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.'

vee said...

Ditto Gary!