January 17, 2006

It's been a year since my baby's been home!

On January 16, 2005 a new member joined our family of two. She was 4 months old, black and tan, had the softest fur and the most melting brown eyes. She had ears that could be spotted a mile away, a nose that was just so woffly (yes, it is a word ok!) and paws that were just perfect and a tail that could knock you over when she wagged it happily. See for yourself ---------------->
That picture was taken the day we brought her home.

My husband had spent the past two weeks (before Jan.16.'05) trying to convince me of the reasons why we should get a German Shepherd puppy as opposed to a Golden Retriever (which I initially wanted). I was a little scared of having a dog as a pet. I wasn't confident around them even though I loved them. And I wondered if I'd actually be able to handle and control a German Shepherd. I wanted a Golden Retriever because they are always advertised as the family dog and have you seen the puppies? Anyway, all puppies are cute. Hubby eventually convinced me and we decided that weekend that we would just slowly start by visiting different pet stores. Our online search hadn't revealed any GSD puppies at that time. We went to a pet store that's about 20 mins from where we live. I walked in, and the first dog I saw was a GSD pup in the far end of the room. She was kept in a separate cage and when I walked to her cage she jumped up at me, tail wagging. As they say it was love at first sight and I refused to leave the store until we had her. I was still a little scared, but I wanted her. When the store clerk tried to hand me the puppy to carry, I said "no, it's ok" and hubby (the dog fanatic) happily carried her about. We stood and spoke in the store at length and finally I said, "I want her. But we'll pick her up tomorrow because I really need to go home and dog proof the apartment and we need to tell my parents". Decision made. Downpayment done. Saying bye to puppy heart-breaking. Got a chance to glimpse at her mom and became terrified (Jackie's mom - Brandy - is a very big GSD). Was sad that we couldn't take Jackie's brother (who was in a separate enclosure) home as well.

Anyway, we went to my parents place and I very nervously told them that we had bought a puppy. This after having received a lecture from parents the day before, about settling down properly, maintaining finances and not making rash decisions. You can imagine my nervousness. Got the sentences out somehow and dad was not pleased. My sister was thrilled to bits ( I had sms'd her the moment we had decided on Jackie and she had sms'd back squealing about how she couldn't wait to see her neice! lol), my mom - who has grown up with lots of dogs - took some sweet talking to get her on board. :) We immediately took Varsha & mom to go visit Jackie. Mom saw her and said I thought you said she was a puppy! Jackie was 4 months old at the time and she was bigger than what my mom had imagined.

Anyway, I went to the apartment and cleaned and put away what ever I thought would injure the pup. The next day, hubby and I went to the pet store in the evening (I had a seminar at work that morning) and he was working till the evening. My sister came with us. They had cleaned Jackie well, had her papers ready and then they let her out of the cage. She ran out immediately as though she had been set free (literally) and we all had a hard time catching her. Oh yes, she's quite the escape artist. Even today, if she's running around this apartment, I can't catch her easily. Anyhow, she ran towards one of the shelves and picked up a chew bone and hubby said "I guess we're getting that for her! (lol)" and then she kept running around the store. Eventually we managed to get her on to a leash and when she realized that she actually had to leave the store, she dug her heels in and wouldn't budge. Eventually hub, had to carry her out. Poor thing was shaking with fear. I was driving and ofcourse I could not concentrate on driving. On the ride back to the apartment, we tried coming up with different names for her. We thought of Jillybean and Jackie. Jackie was the one she responded to. Jackie was also chosen because hub's grandmother had had a dog named Jackie and my mom had had a dog named Jackie as well. Anyway, Jackie Kumar just seemed right. (lol)

We had with us a dog crate, a huge bag of dog food, assorted treats and toys and ofcourse Jackie. Hubby gave me the leash and told me to hold the dog while my sis and he carried the crate and other things. I was hesitant and the dog just would not budge. Eventually hubby carried her into the apartment and we let her loose and she ran around sniffing every nook and corner and we all just looked on utterly fascinated. I gave her my teddy bear because at the store she had had a ratty old bear with her. She loved the teddy and it was her favourite companion (other than moi ofcourse), but the bear has seen better days now and I've hidden him away.

We can't believe that it's only been a year since Jackie has entered our lives. We have no idea what we did before Jackie came home. Everything revolves around her, well maybe not everything...but scheduling anything is based on who will be around to feed her. We make sure she's not left alone for too long. I can't bear it if she hurts herself in any way. When aunties joke around and then ask my mom (in front of me) when she's going to be a grandmother I smile brightly and say "She already is. There's Jackie." That shuts them up for a while. :)

Jackie is my constant companion, my friend, my puppy, my baby, etc.etc.etc. Most of you know just how much I adore this creature. I run around with her, smother her with affection, irritate the heck out of her, pick her up (even now when she weighs 55lbs) and dance around with her, photograph her to no end, watch her in utter fascination and just hang out with her. (Yes, I do go out and see the real world as well). I still look at her and see her as a tiny thing but everyone else's reactions is hilarious. This is what she looks like today:

When people react to her with fear, I look at them like they're insane. How could anyone be afraid of her?? I have to admit (sheepishly) that I have actually yelled at a couple of kids who yelled at her and I got such a concerned look from my dad (who was with me at the time) that I shutup and made a mental note not to go mental. :) Anyway, I think I've written a lot and it's time to let you (readers) take a breather! :)

Happy One Year with us Jackie-kins! :)


Ramya said...

happy birthday jackie!! and vee, what a love filled post.. i loved reading about it and infact suddenly felt a pang at not having a pet at home..:) but i guess it'll take a few more births for me to have a pet..so till then i am going to satisfied with your stories of jackie..:)

ladyrain said...

i love my jackson...she still looks at you with those lil puppy eyes.. she'll always have that look..no matter how old she gets! *BSH*

Matt said...

aww what a cute dog! I love dogs, congrats. :)

Golden Retrievers are nice dogs as well.

DA said...

That is one lucky dog Vee!!

Gary said...

Good story - it would be fun to write Jackie's version: "Then this woman with big beautiful eyes looked down at me and I thought, 'Take me! Take me!'...oooh I know, I'll rund around and show her how fast I am....Bark! Bark!"

Vee said...

First of all, thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! :) I'm so happy this tale was well received.

Ramya: no worries. You can live vicariously through Jackie and me.

Matt: thanks! I think she's gorgeous too! :)

Dimitri: (lol) thanks! Ofcourse I think I'm the lucky one...she's just spoilt. hehehe

Gary: that's funny! I wonder what they actually do think. Esp. given their behaviour can be so human like at times...hmmm..

Lindsay Lobe said...

Well I guess you know the answer as to who chose who first. It wss the Wolf dog who made the fist move in our evolved wonderful parnership. The Wolf Dog made the first move as a senrty in exchange for warmth and regular food. A wise move as is was for jackie to choose you ?

best wishes